Web presence, design, management, software and marketing.

At TJ Developmental Services we focus on providing out customers with an excellent experience. Our passion is helping you develop your unique online presence.

Our passion at TJ Developmental Services is truly in the people we serve. Providing excellent work and consultations are all built upon a foundation of customer service.

Developing your web presence requires goals and planning. We strive to help you develop your web presence. All of our services in one way or another help you to create your unique presence online.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the changes in technology, the updates your site needs or even ways to market your online presence. We pull our services together to offer management solutions. Free consultations are available.

Technology changes at an astonishing rate. Perhaps it is time to develop a web presence, build that website or redesign it. Don’t let your website become stagnant.

What we do

Our passion is helping our customers achieve a web presence that reflects them and their business goals. Each business has a unique expression. Whether you are strictly business focuses or hoping to reach viewers to share your own passionate content, we are here to help you present your work to the internet community.

Your web design including your site, social media and newsletters are all flexible enough to create something that is absolutely unique. A successful design should take into account other aspects of your web goals.

Part of the design process should involve web marketing. Marketing starts with the simplest ground floor concepts and can reach vastly throughout the internet. We hope to help you develop your marketing plan from social media, SEO, newsletters and advertising.

Another essential part of your web development process is software development. The infinite freedom of the hundreds of coding languages allows developers to build unique applications and adjustments to your website functions.

How we do it

With the many tools available to aid you in reaching your visitors in the internet, for many it seems an overwhelming task to keep everything working properly. Web management offers you peace of mind knowing that your website is covered so that you can focus on things that need your specific touch.

User Interface

Creating a website that draws the attention of your users requires focus to detail. A page that is easy to read and is not distracting are dependent on the user interface. Our passion for helping you create your unique web presence relies greatly on the fine details of user interface.

User Experience

Looking through the eyes of your visitors we strive to create a website that is easy and streamline to use as well as being beautiful. Knowing the balance of simplicity and engaging content is custom developed for you and your customers.


Creating goals and planning web presence avenues can be intensive work. It could also be that you know exactly what you want and are only looking to set things in motion. We offer a free consultation to help you progress in those goals.

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