Our Vision

TJ Developmental Services is focused on quality work. Equally important we focus on our customers and their experience in finding that unique web presence that they are looking for. We are proud to say that our customers help us to grow and challenge us in ways that help us provide even better customer service.

Our Story

After having worked for different companies ourselves we realized we had a passion for people, a passion for the work we were doing and a desire to put those into action. Starting slowly to build the foundation goals we continue each day to grow and develop our own web presence. As we do so we are working hard for the customers we have had the pleasure to meet.

Tom Kaness

CIO and Co-founder

Tom has been a programmer for over 20 years.

His passion is certainly in the code. Enjoying the languages he works in every day makes the business more than work, it makes it enjoyable.  Enjoying what you do makes the experience fun and exciting.

Tom has worked his way to Senior Developer and also Senior Management attributing having put people first.

Another passion that Tom has is in habitat conservation. Tom has spent several years working as a volunteer to help these efforts nation wide.

“We make this stuff fun."
– Tom Kaness

Picture of Tom Kancess

co-owner Jenn

Jenn Grossi

COO and Co-Founder

Jenn has over 10 years of experience working with website design. She particularly enjoys User Interface and User Experience.

Jenn has a degree in Information Technology as well as Literature and Linguistics. Both she feels are beneficial to her work.

She is kept busy by her children and also tries to keep up her work as an author.

“We do web stuff."
-Jenn Grossi

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