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Goal setting for a web site is important in several different ways. Goals can help you continue to grow the design of your site, as well as you web presence, management and marketing goals. There are many methods and tools to develop your goals to suite you needs. Conversely the lack of goal setting can effect your success. Websites which are stagnant stifle many efforts made in business or personal achievement. A runner cannot compete effectively in a marathon if they set no goals or choose to sit on the couch instead.

We will describe basic tools to help you start your goal setting journey. We also suggest a method to goal planning but encourage you build your own method or modify one that you find.


No progress means a stagnant website. Your web presence is going to suffer if your viewers visit your site and see that you have not updated in quite some time. Will they question whether or not you are still in business? Will they question your reliability? Although you may not need regular updates on your website you should be making and keep goals. Your web presence develops and grows when you set and achieve your objectives.

These are questions a person should consider in setting goals for themselves and their site. Something to keep in mind is that a business evolves, and your website should too. It is easy to get busy but it is important to remember that even the smallest goals can make a large impact on your website.


Pyramids in desert

While most have their own method of setting goals we feel that the most important goal is simply getting started. There are many methods that utilize a pyramid style of organization. We use several different methods combined, recognizing that we must be willing to embrace change.

The pyramid is built to set goals in different time frames. A pyramid set to one year of goals may have goals in the bottom tier to be accomplished within days or weeks. The center tier may set goals in weeks and months, while the top tier contains goals that a person hopes to accomplish within a year. Flexibly allows goals to be set for week to decades. Do not be afraid to set goals further out, those goals are the ones that define the steps you take to get there.

Here is a brief example of how we pool together many tools to create goals in several different aspects of our and our clients goals.

Bottom Tier

The bottom tier of a pyramid is a foundation and the support of your growth in building goals. The base of your goal building should contain planning such as the S.M.A.R.T. tools, research and outlining to support what you are needing to achieve. That foundation should also contain goals that are set-up to be achieved in a short amount of time. Those goals can help you to create the next tier in your goal setting.

Outlining Goals

Outlining goals will allow you to organize what it is you are wanting to do, create or accomplish. There are several goal setting methods that can be used to organize and direct your efforts. If you do a quick search on goal setting methods it isn’t surprising that there are several articles and even sites devoted to the topic. You can find one step methods and multiple step methods, there are also many templates and tools ready to use. A particular site offers 48 different templates to goal setting. One site suggested accomplishing 50 goals a year. Other sites suggest a steady method of goal planning called S.M.A.R.T.

S.M.A.R.T. goal planning is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Achievable, Realistic or Relevant, and Time Bound.


At times goals do not come easy whether or not you have a creative or forward thinking mind. Being challenged by goal setting does not mean you are lacking initiative or drive in your business. Research is a valuable tool and there are several different styles and methods available to help you get started. Scanning the internet for things that you like and things that you don’t is a great way to develop many new concepts for your own goals. Also, researching businesses in similar fields may allow you to find things that inspire you as well as things that you really want to avoid.

Center Tier

The center level may be developed in as many ways as the bottom tier but rely on a different time frame. Goals in this tier are spaced further out in your pyramid timeline. These goals are ones that need more time or depend on the development of the bottom tier. As with each layer of goal setting, sometimes those goals appear out of the blue. These goals should immediately be added to your pyramid whether or not they seem achievable at the time. Developing personal achievement can be as ridged or as flexible as needed.

As previously mentioned center level tiers should be set for a future time rather than the present. Don’t forget that goals change all of the time. You may find something that needs changed or a goal that inspires another goal to be set. Remember that changes in goals help prevent your work from becoming stagnant.

Top Tier

The top tier goals are nothing to be afraid of. These goals can be set knowing that the only restriction is time. Of course those goals can be reaching huge success or impacting large amounts of people.Don’t constrain your top goals to suggestions given to you. Of course you should take into account the value these suggestions could bring to your own development.

While these tools are all helpful great success is not typically achieved by holding yourself back by other peoples’ ideas and goals.

Although there is so much more that could be discussed in this tier we feel that the sky is the limit on what you wish to achieve. Perhaps you never reach some of this tiers goals, imagine the greatness you can attain on the way. Don’t forget to see yourself reaching these goals, they are set for just that purpose.

Take pride in the effort you put into this planning. Take pride in each tier and every goal you reach. We would love to help outline, plan and research your goals. Most importantly we love to see how you create your own method of goal setting.



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