A Quick Introduction

TJ Developmental Services is still in our construction phase and are working diligently to develop our behind the scenes work. We like to update and develop our own site live rather than publishing a complete website.

We do this for a couple of reasons. The first being that it gives our clients and friends the experience of visiting a site that is different each time they stop by. Next, our focus on developing unique websites which add to our clients web presence is something that we also do for ourselves. Our fun in unconventional development is a reflection of ourselves and our web presence.

We have customers who do not want to see their sites developed this way. Many websites should not be developed this way due to the target market a company may be trying to reach. We respect that and have no problem developing that traditional way. We love what we do.

So that you can see what is going on behind the scenes we would like to introduce ourselves.

Tom Kaness CTO


Tom Kaness is our Chief Technology Officer. He has been behind the keyboard writing various code languages for over 20 years. He still loves what he does and is TJ Developmental Service’s software development professional.


Jenn Grossi COO



Jenn Grossi is our Chief Operations Officer. She enjoys the day-to-day excitement of our business. Jenn especially enjoys the user experience and customer service. She loves working with the customer to build a unique user interface.


Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us a bit better. We look forward to hearing what our customers and friends think of our ongoing updates and improvements.

Is there something you think we need to add to our happy space on the web? We are excited to hear your suggestions and recommendations.




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