Redesigning Your Website

It is commonly known that the internet changes by the second. Technology, consistently altering the way we use the web, also changes how we view and interact with it. This technology also leaves us behind the times in User Interface and User Design. Websites that have been professionally designed and well maintained are not immune to this challenge. To keep up with your target market redesign is obviously a tool that should be considered, whether on a small or large scale. Keeping your audiences’ attention by redesigning your website takes the same amount of planning as your initial design.

Setting Goals

We discussed goals in a previous post. As we mentioned earlier technology changes so fast that it often leaves us behind the times. In the post about goals we discussed a website that has become stagnant. This is a common issue with websites. When you take a look at your website possibly including your eCommerce, you will find yourself familiar with the design and ease of navigation. However, it is important to look at your site through the eyes of those you hope are trying to navigate it themselves. Take a look at websites that are in your same field, try to navigate them as well as other websites that are not in your field of work. Ask yourself several questions. Do I like the look of this website? Do I find the website simple or difficult to navigate? Is the website too plan and dull? Does the website’s business cause distraction and frustration? These are all questions that you should consider while planning the redesign of your personal¬†web presence.



Planning the updates you wish to add to your website is setting into motion those goals. Perhaps you decided that your website is fantastic the way it is but needs some updates and slight changes. While to you those changes may be subtle, to your visitors they can be large changes, and to a new visitor these changes are brand new. Again it is imperative that your visitors are who you are developing your site for. All to often we try to create our web presence based on what we like or dislike. Our earlier challenge of finding your likes or dislikes was a step in creating goals. In planning we must consider how those goals are going to effect the audience you are trying to reach. Will those goals be useful? Will the goals distract the purpose of your website?

Redesigning your website can but doesn’t always mean that you are creating an entirely new face for your web viewers. Deciding whether or not your website is slightly in need of care or needs an overhaul is truly up to your. Taking in the opinion of a designer is a tool and service. We feel that several different services put together create a better web design. We’ve added several posts on services that are useful in your planning and design stages. We also provide a free consultation to help you navigate those goals and planning.

Grand Reopening

Presenting your new face to your readers and customers is an exciting time. You are updating and changing your web presence. Building up to your new release can be stressful. We strive to make the experience a calm and fun venture.

The planning step helps to make sure that you reach those important goals that you set. A good plan does not necessarily mean that things are full proof. We encourage you to utilize a variety of resources for the new face of your website and/or blog. No different that your initial build a marketing approach may have to change slightly. Your web management approach may also need to be adjusted.

Our goal is to help you combine our tools to specifically suit your needs. As with our initial build we do offer and encourage a free consultation. During our consultation we discuss your initial needs, the tools that will produce the site that you are looking to achieve. During this consultation we will also discuss a bid for your unique needs. We realize that changes occur during the process, we pride ourselves on being flexible in our partnerships with our clients.

We looking forward to talking with you about your needs. Please feel free to reach out for any questions you may have.


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